2012 Crowd-Sauced Pizza Flavors

Your Ideas + Our Menu = Great Pizza.

People eating at Streetza

Thank you to Ron Ruggless from Nation’s Restaurant News for the “crowd-saucing” name.

Every week we try to add lots of new flavor combinations. And often we need inspiration.
Ever since Streetza started, we have crowd-sourced, or rather, crowd-sauced many of the toppings we place on our pizzas. Here are some of the latest flavor combinations that you’ve come up with that will be on our menu in 2012. Follow us on twitter to find out where and when you can get these great slices. And, if the slice is named after you and we have it, it’s free. :)

The StephSnack Slice –  Pepperoni, green olives, pickled jalapeños, and feta.

The Luke Stecker Slice – Shrimp, bacon, avocado and pineapple.

The Erica Gordon Slice – 4 seasons pizza! 1/4 onions, 1/4 colorful peppers/pepperoni, 1/4 spinach/pineapple, 1/4 edible flowers.

The Jess Unavailable Slice - pico de gallo, pepper jack, arrabiata, bratwurst slices; “Germans in Mexico” (for the electric six song of the same name).

The Jon Kurozawa Girl Scout Slice -Girl Scout Thin Mints and chocolate.

The Caitlin SliceA Mediterranean pizza topped with spinach, tomatoes and feta cheese.

The Mike & Tommy Show Slice – Ham, Extra cheese, BBQ sauce, bacon and pineapple.

The Raymond - Mac n cheese n cheese n cheese pizza.

The Joel Kasmarick - A breakfast pizza with scrambled eggs, bacon & sausage.

The Summer Santana - Pepperoni , black olives, onions, and jalapeños.

The Dill Phil – Chicken and dill pickles.

The Michael Fusion – Shrimp, bacon, pineapple and cream cheese on a standard cheese pizza.

The Jessica Z - White bean, Italian sausage crumbles, spinach and asiago cheese.

The Karen in Thailand – Spicy peanut sauce, topped with cheese, tiny shrimp, shredded carrots and then topped with a salad of bean sprouts and green onions.

The Bryan Korean BBQ – Korean BBQ Beef (Pul-Kogi) pizza, garnished with onion, cilantro and a hash of chili-soy-dressed lettuce.

The Salvador CHaVa - Peppproni, sausage, chicken. Jalapeño and tomatoes. It’s called the CHaVa

The LaRosa Breakfast Pizza – bacon, egg, & cheese over a garlic-y sauce. Topped with some avocados and sriracha ranch.

The Sheasby Pizza - Chorizo, onions, red peppers, potatoes Monterrey jack cheese w sour cream on top.

The Curry Chris Pizza – A curry chicken pizza with sweet potatoes and garbanzo beans.

The Swedish Balistreri Pizza – An Oxtail and Hollandaise sauce pizza.

The Deerkey Supercluster – Everything you can imagine on a pizza. Pepperoni, Hamburger, Sausage, Mushroom, Onion, Green Peppers, Olives & Anchovies.

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