Top Chef Grayson Schmitz Visits Streetza in Milwaukee

Grayson Schmitz, the passionate chef who competed on Season 9 of Top Chef: Texas is returning to Wisconsin to help raise money for a wonderful foundation. Grayson who is originally from New Holstein, WI has a passion for food and sharing it with others. She has a strong foundation of family and Midwestern values, as well as a healthy affinity for cheese and beer.

Streetza Pizza, named the #1 food truck in the US, by Bloomberg Businessweek will be giving Grayson full control of their truck during the event. Grayson will be creating two new pizzas on the truck. “Sex in the Mouth” and “Like a Meatball.” People will be able to come and try both pizzas and vote on their favorite. $5 will buy a small slice of both pizzas.

The Chef Grayson Schmitz/Streetza Pizza event will be held at 1:00 p.m. on Sunday, March 4th at 6501 West Layton Avenue in Greenfield, WI.

The money raised will be donated to IndependenceFirst and will be used to help educate disabled people about independently preparing healthy food for themselves.

Check out the event photos here.

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