# Twitterworks


The Restaurant 2.0 Edition


The story of how social media built a restaurant, a pizza truck and thousands of relationships.

Very simply, Twitter works.

Compared to traditional advertising, Twitter is just as effective, much less expensive (in fact, it’s basically free) and a better investment because it has a much faster return on investment.

As restaurant owners ourselves, we have seen firsthand how it can increase business. And the funny thing is, we just happened upon Twitter. But once we did, we found tremendous success in utilizing it to communicate with our patrons, increase brand awareness, and grow our business.

Most importantly, we believe Twitter can help your restaurant business.

How? Grab our book and see what it did for us.

“Phil, Joe, and Scott are the right guys to write this book because they LIVE THIS STUFF. There, that’s 140 characters. Well, actually it’s a lot less than 140, because you need room to let people retweet. And you really need room
to let people comment. And to be honest, if YOU are checking this book out, I’m going to say you didn’t really know you needed that. And that’s the point.
Read TwitterWorks and save yourself 8 months of apologizing for learning on the job.” – Chris Brogan, New York Times Bestselling Author
Social Media 101 and Trust Agents

“Smart restaurateurs like the authors of ‘TwitterWorks’ know that the value of social media lies in the “social”, rather than the “media.” Whether the platform is Twitter, Foursquare or whatever comes next, social media presents one of
the easiest, most cost-effective ways to speak to your customers and, more importantly, listen to them. Operators can learn a lot from the stories of their tenacious peers in this book.” – Mark Brandau, Senior Desk Editor – Nation’s Restaurant News

“Your relationship with your customer doesn’t have to be over the minute they leave your establishment or website. Social media services such as Twitter allow you to continue your good service beyond the point of sale, create
long-lasting relationships, and reap the kind of unparalleled customer loyalty that only good two-way communication can build. Not sure where to start? I read a lot of business books and I can tell you TwitterWorks has all the
answers provided by guys who have walked the walk.” – Jack Covert, Founder and President 800-CEO-READ

Only $22.95 + tax (Wisconsin only)

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