@Streetzapizza 2.0

A New Year – A New Look

Click on the image to see our whole day at Fox 6

The votes have been counted. All 789 of them! Design #1 was a clear winner. But, we also incorporated elements from #2 and #3. Thank you all so much for voting and sharing your comments. Look for the all new Streetza 2.0 Truck when you’re out. A special thanks to GCS Premier for all of their hard work. And, to Fox 6 Wake-Up for having us this morning. This gallery is from our visit to their station.

The time has come to do a little spring cleaning / truck remodeling. Thanks to our good friends at CGS Premier, we are going to have our truck wrapped in graphics. We can’t make up our minds as to which design we like the best. Just like we let our fans and friends on Facebook and followers on Twitter decide our logo, we thought we’d let you make the decision. Let us know which new truck design is your favorite. If you have comments, please feel free to add them at the bottom. Thank you so much for all of your support.

Option 1

Option 1 - Big Logo & Fire

Option 2 Option 2 - Big Pizza Oven

Option 3Option 3 - Big Pizza

Please Vote Here:

New art taking your comments into consideration.

This is how it would look when the window is open.
This is how it would look with the window closed.

39 thoughts on “@Streetzapizza 2.0

  1. Go with Option 3 – Large graphics are great for the Water Street crowd and will instantly get people’s attention.

  2. Three or One, but I’m anti-flames on vehicles, the big logo on the side is the important part.

    Did Scott design these?

  3. #3 and #1 – How about, on the front above windshield, having STREETZA mirror image so it reads properly in rear-view mirrors? (ala ambulances?)

  4. Option 1. There is too much going on in 2&3 plus giant food photography is weird. Like the simplicity and bad ass feel to option 1.

  5. NOT #2, that one is terrible! 1 is bold but 3 actually makes me think of pizza. and eating pizza. and buying streetza… great, now I have to visit you guys tonight! maybe a diff pizza on the side though, something delicious but instantly recognizable as pizza not salad.

  6. I like #1 the most. #3 is a good choice too! Can’t wait to see the new pizza-mobile!

  7. i kinda like #2 but am obviously the minority. there’s no mistaking what you’re selling with #3 – it’s got everything goin’ on.

  8. Option 1 is BAD-ASS!!! Everyone knows fire sells… Almost as good as sex

  9. After more thought, #1 and #2 should be combined somehow. I like the real life texturing on #2 but I like the large logo usage on #1.

    #2 has a nicer tailgate design too.


  10. Number 1! And I’ll echo that ambulance-style mirror writing on the front would be cool.

  11. I like #1 but with the white haze behind the sign like you have in #3.

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